First Methodist School


Diane Brown We at First Methodist School strive for excellence in enriching children with a stong educational background coupled with good Christian values. We can achieve this by working closely with the parents and guardians of our children. By doing this we will meet the needs of each child

Children are our greatest gift and we are blessed that God has entrusted us with their care. First Methodist School will provide a loving, Christian environment in which children grow academically and spiritually.

"Love makes learning fun!"



A Note from the Director

We hope that this website, coupled with a visit to our school, will help you feel comfortable that you are making the right Preschool and childcare choice for your child when you enroll them at First Methodist School in Lake Charles, LA.

First Methodist School was founded in 1960 as an extension of First United Methodist Church's mission and community outreach.  It continues to be an integral part of First United Methodist Church, under the leadership of Diane Brown, Preschool Director, serving families within and beyond the Church's membership; providing a developmentally appropriate Infant through Pre-Kindergarten Program designed to enhance each individual child's spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.  The school seeks to provide its educational opportunities to an ethnically and economically diverse community.

“I am an alumni of First Methodist School and I was very proud that my son is an alumni as well! There is more going on there than just daycare. My son was very prepared for Kindergarten and also learned a lot about God and how much he is loved! That is very valuable....”

Brian Jordan, Lake Charles